Facade work

Why insulate the facade?

  • Proper implementation of thermal insulation is one of the most important factors for the living comfort of a building.
  • Euros invested in effective thermal insulation will recover as reduced heating costs in a few years.
  • The structures are designed and implemented in such a way that the thermal insulation remains dry and no uncontrolled air flows pass through it.
  • Additional heat insulation brings living comfort and at the same time improves the energy efficiency of the old house.
  • About 10-15% of the heating energy is removed through the external walls.
  • Placing additional thermal insulation outside the outer wall is a better thermal option than placing it inside. This avoids the formation of cold bridges.
  • Placing additional thermal insulation outside is also a less risky option.
  • The best time for additional insulation of a detached house is usually in connection with the renovation of the facade cladding. Energy repair is always a viable option when the exterior wall needs to be repaired
  • This is best achieved according to the following principles:

Facade insulation options.

  • The interface of the lower part of the outer cladding.
  • Additional insulation for the exterior of 70’s homes
  • Insulation of additional heat in the outer wall of a bite-insulated house
  • Additional insulation outside the log wall
  • Additional insulation of the log frame. Wall structure with corrugation.